14 Hands Winery

14 Hands Winery changed its name from 14 Hands Vineyards.

Unbridled Spirit
Inspired by the Wild Horses of Washington State, 14 Hands is a wine borne from the Hills…

The inspiration for 14 Hands wines recalls a time when wild mustangs once freely roamed the hills of eastern Washington State. These small horses, measuring a scant 14 hands high - a “hand” being equivalent to a man’s palm width and how horses were measured then - would travel down from the hills every day to drink from the mighty Columbia River and graze upon the luscious waist high grasses along the riverbank, and then retreat back up into the hills to cool off at night. Strong and tenacious, these little horses became known for their endurance and were revered around the world.

This unique and beautiful landscape that gave these unbridled horses their spirit and tenacity now feeds our vines. With loamy-sand and gravel soils, these hills require a strong and determined grapevine, and our 14 Hands vines revel in this unique and world class terroir. With the fruit from these tenacious vines, 14 Hands wines are handcrafted into big, bold, juicy fruit forward reds and crisp, fruit forward white wines that are laced with the unbridled spirit and legend of the region.

14 Hands celebrates the spirit of these wild horses, and the rich and unique history of Washington wines not only in our wines, but also in the vibrant colors and images on our popular varietal labels and our new Hot to Trot red and white blend wines. Whether you enjoy 14 Hands by the glass in your favorite restaurant, or share a bottle with family or friends, our wines are the quintessential Washington wine experience – fruit-forward, easily enjoyable with any meal or on any occasion, and delivering a superb value for the price. Bringing this bottle of wine to the party is more than bringing just a wine – it’s a delicious wine with a unique story that’s sure to spark up a memorable conversation.

Wild Horses Artist - Cynthia Sampson
Cynthia Sampson is an award-winning representational colorist who specializes in brightly colored pastel and acrylic animal paintings. Through Cynthia’s imagination she gives viewers a glimpse into her world to spark their own creative journeys. She uses color to express the excitement and wonder she feels when she looks at life.

Winemaker Keith Kenison
14 Hands winemaker Keith Kenison has been making wines in Washington state for more than 15 years. It was his interest in winemaking that brought him to Washington, and over the years his expertise in enology and winemaking blossomed.

In 2002 Keith was named winemaker for 14 Hands; he ‘took the reins’ and crafted the debut vintages - the 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Keith hand crafts soft reds and fresh, crisp whites that capture the essence of the Horse Heaven Hills. "I take a practical approach to winemaking and let the fruit express itself," Keith says. "I guide it to its final destination with as few manipulations as possible, making every decision by taste because, ultimately, that's what matters to the person buying a bottle. I love making a style of wine that I enjoy and experience."


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