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Andrew Peace Wines

From a small family-owned vineyard in 1980, Andrew Peace Wines has grown into an integrated grape-growing and winemaking operation which currently ranks in the top 1.5% of Australian wineries by grape intake – growing from 3000 tonnes in 1995 to 20,600 tonnes for the 2006 vintage. Currently 95% of Andrew Peace table wines are exported, with the principal markets being the UK and Ireland, USA, Canada, Brazil, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

The winery is located in Swan Hill in North West Victoria, on the banks of the Mighty Murray River. It is a fine grape-growing region, and fruit from the area is highly sought after by many of Australia's best-known winemakers. Andrew Peace Wines takes advantage of the region’s Mediterranean climate to produce grapes that reflect the varietal character of the classic red and white varieties and others generic to the region, to consistently produce exceptional wines. Best practice in all activities, a willingness to utilise technology, excellent forward planning skills and sheer hard work have earned Andrew Peace Wines a reputation for excellence in wine grape growing and winemaking.

As well as winning 2001 Victorian Emerging Exporter of the Year Award, Andrew Peace Wines have won the Royal Agricultural Farm Management Award in 1998 and the coveted Victorian Vineyard of the Year Award in 1999. Andrew Peace Wines aims to produce the best possible fruit from mature and well-nurtured vines which are maintained as ‘low yield’ to ensure ultimate integrity of varietal character. Andrew Peace is a graduate of Roseworthy College, Australia's famous wine university.