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Artiga Fustel

Artiga Fustel was founded in Spain’s Vilafranca del Penedès in 2002, by an international team of young, but highly-experienced wine professionals, headed by Mr. Martí Quer.   The desire to breathe a fresh lease of life into the production and marketing of Spain’s greatest natural resource sees the Artiga Fustel team assume a New-World approach to consumer-focus and simplicity, in developing high-value, modern Spanish wines. As a young and relatively small company, Artiga Fustel benefits from the flexibility to adapt swiftly to ever-changing market requirements and from the fact that our egos will never out-grow our dedication to customer satisfaction and innovation.
Martí has been involved in sourcing Spanish wines ever since returning to his native Vilafranca in 1995, following several years cutting his teeth as head sommelier of New York’s highly-acclaimed “Aureole” restaurant.   The close partnerships he fostered with some of Spain’s most renowned wine-makers have enabled Artiga Fustel to source the very best of the country’s indigenous grapes, producing wines of the highest quality in state-of-the-art facilities, all of which boast the latest ISO certificate for quality excellence.   For Artiga Fustel, the wine-making process begins long before the grapes are picked, with the undertaking of in-depth and highly-focussed research into consumer profiles and trends within each individual target market. This dedication to exceeding customers’ expectations is highlighted in the presentation of the company’s wines, each of which offers a unique approach to filling the gaps left by some of Spain’s more traditional wine-makers. In such a way, the wines propose an attractive, elegant and instantly-recognisable package that will stand out from the crowd and go some way towards de-mystifying what can be an overwhelming category for some of wine’s new-comers.
Artiga Fustel is totally committed to meeting the needs of our customers and able to adapt our products and services to meet the requirements of the international supply chain. Several customers have benefited from our unique supply chain solutions, which target 100% stock availability for the customer, while minimising working capital and inventory carrying costs. A collaborative approach allows for flexible order management and our delivery accuracy ensures maximum consumer confidence. This commitment to customer satisfaction, coupled with our total dedication to providing consistent and dependable quality and a straight-forward, market-lead approach to creating innovative, high-value, fruit-driven and approachable wine brands has enabled Artiga Fustel to successfully develop strong, collaborative partnerships throughout Europe, Asia, Australasia and the Americas, with the number of satisfied customers increasing every year. 
Since being conceded its definitive Denominación de Origen Campo de Borja status in 1980, the illustrious wine-growing home of this great wine has quickly gained a national and international reputation for the superior quality of its native grapes. Made up of a small cluster of 16 villages, Campo de Borja sits within the north-eastern province of Zaragoza, in an area of transition between the mountains of the Iberian System and the valley of the Ebro, the very same Ebro River that runs through the world-renowned D.O.C Rioja region.
artiga, which hails from the region’s capital of Borja, offers a quintessential example of one of Spain’s finest and most-loved indigenous grape varieties, which many critics believe to be at its best in Borja’s hot, arid and fiercely windy climate.   These harsh conditions tend to give rise to uncommonly small, bush-like vines, that go onto to produce rich, complex and intensely fruity young red wines.
Quickly gaining a global following of admirers among consumers of all types, the full-bodied Garnacha wines of D.O. Campo de Borja are best enjoyed with food and will bring out the best in a wide range of red meat, vegetable and pasta dishes. Artiga Fustel’s  artiga Garnacha is no exception to this rule, and beautifully complements richly flavoured foods with aromas of ripe forest fruits and a lusciously smooth and silky texture that leaves a full and pleasant aftertaste.
In 2017, the winery was awarded the coveted title of the BEST WINERY IN ARAGÓN, by the Academia Aragonesa de Gastronomía.