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The Barberani winery was established by Luigi and Giovanna Barberani in 1961, and now run by  third generation brothers Bernardo and Niccolò Barbarani. The estate is located on the Orvieto-Todi road in the hills above Lake Corbara, where the River Tiber flows. This is the oldest and most prestigious production area of Orvieto wine, which is known as “Classico”. 

The 100 hectare estate is cultivated with olive trees, 30 ha of forest, and 55 ha of vineyard - planted in volcanic soils with chalk and clay. Here the family oversee all aspects of wine production assisted by consultant winemaker and agronomist Maurizio Castelli.

Barberani is forecasting the trends since almost its conception; they first follow organic practices in the 1980s, then develop sustainable method; cutting electricity and only using, and recycling, natural spring water. Today they are one of the few wineries remaining in the region to harvest their entire production by hand. Their wines are certified organic and vegan and remains some of the best value for money Umbria has to offer.

In short Barberani could be resume to “value, sustainability, and family”

“Given the high quality across Barberani’s entire range of wines, with no duds whatsoever, I believe it is Umbria’s best estate.” IAN D’AGATA on Vinous Media