Bernard Magrez

A NAME YOU CAN TRUSTBernard Magrez“Ma Passion、La Rarete”

Forty years spent in the Bordeaux vines have taught me to be humble when faced with the quirks of nature – rain, hail, frost, disease – and have helped me understand what the dream of every good winegrower is: excellence. For me excellence means producing vintages each year that offer a rare elegance and great finesse, giving satisfaction to all my wine loving friends, be they in France or abroad.I have noticed that wine lovers have changed: they used to be loyal to two or three wines that had been recommended to them or that they were accustomed to drinking. Nowadays they want above all to discover new style of wine. They want to be surprised, to experience new emotions. I can only agree with them. So I have had to patiently and methodically look for exceptional terroirs in Bordeaux, in the Languedoc, and then outside France. I have spent some thirty years seeking out these little gems.However, the prestige of a terroir is not the only guarantee of the success and charm of a great wine; I have also done my utmost to adopt vinification procedures that are respectful and both traditional and innovative, a task that is often difficult.Today each of my vineyards is ranked in the top four or five in its region by the most distinguished international wine tasters.I am now the sole proprietor of my 35 vineyards around the world, and the “Bernard Magrz” signature on each bottle is a guarantee of quality and transparency for the consumer who wants to know the name of the person who has crafted his favorite wine.My fine-wine loving friends regularly ask me about my trade and it’s always highly rewarding for me to be able to pass on my experience of forty years in the vines.This is my life’s undertaking.

Chateau Pape Clement, Chateau La Tour Carnet, Chateau Fombrage, Chateau Perenne,Chateau Plaisance, Le Serenite

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