Bodegas Ignacio Marin

The Winery
The Ignacio Marín Winery, with its spectacular design, provides every condition required to produce and age high quality wines. Ageing is carried out in oak barrels and great importance is placed on replacing them periodically.
The Winery, apart from its naturally favourable conditions, has an automatic system of ambience temperature and humidity control wich, along with the period of repose, ensures the perfect development of our wines.
Preparation - Technology
Our vocation for high quality wines requires imagination, sensitivity, know-how and the physical means to preserve and enhance the characteristics provided by the grapes produced in our vineyards.
A modern bottling system with aseptic process control and the correct handling of the product ensures that our wines reach the consumers with the maximum guarantee of quality.
Destalking, pressing, control of the fermentation temperature in stainless steel vats, a laboratory equipped with the very latest technology to monitor all of the processes and parameters.
The Vineyard
The heirs of Ignacio Marín have upheld the philosophy of the founder: the fundamental importance of grapes for the future of the wine. Using perfect varieties and finding a perfect balance between production and quality, leads us to the fact that we work on the vineyards with great respect for nature, applying on integrated ecological agricultural philosophy, that is how we succeed in having such healthy grapes from which we produce our excellent wines.
The fact that our vineyards are located in Encinacorba and Cariñena, means that we can take full advantage of their specific microclimates and use varieties of grapes that are perfectly adapted to these areas.
Tempranillo, Cariñena, Garnacha, Cabernet and Merlot are the varieties that form the basis of our excellent red wines and some of these are also ideal for rosé wines.
These noble varieties, the age of the vineyard, the different microclimates, hard work and advanced technology are the basis of our excellent wines, young wines, "crianza", "reservas" or "grandes reservas".
The Cariñena’s
The Cariñena’s Official Certificate of Origin covers an area of 21,000 hectares in 14 municipalities located at the heart of the Ebro Valley and at the foot of the Iberian Mountain Range. The vineyards are spread over a large geographical area with heights ranging from 400m to 800m above sea level. The wines produced in this region are, as a consequence, the result of different microclimates and provide a whole range of pleasure sensations.
According to old traditions, our wines originated in the region known as Celtíbera, in the Roman town of Carae (today Cariñena), whose inhabitants drank wine mixed with honey around the 3rd century.
Cariñena wines, thus, date back many centuries and have a widespread reputation, with numerous references to them in important works in world literature.

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