Ca Maiol

The Ca Maiol Winery, which today is a balanced blend of tradition and modernity, is made up of four farmhouses: the oldest, built in 1710 by the notary Sebastiano Maioli from Desenzano, and since 1967 the main headquarters is Ca Maiol. To this the Contato family has added over the years the lands of Molino, Rocchetta and Storta farms, where new vineyards have been planted to respond to a strongly growing market demand. The reorganisation plan of the structure has also witnessed in recent times the construction of a modern and extensive underground cellar and an architecturally enhanced exhibition area, where the public can taste all the products of the company, from the wines to the grappa, even the typical and special extra virgin olive oils of Lake Garda.


From the ancient origins of the Contato family, on a strip of land in the area of Lake Garda, the Ca Maiol Winery was created. Founded in 1967 by the father Walter, today the company continues its noble traditions through the commitment and the dedication of Fabio and Patrizia Contato. And thanks to this enthusiasm, the winery has increased from the original 12 hectares in the heart of the production area of Lugana wine, to the current 140, extending throughout a rich and fertile terrain. The love for this land and the passion for wine, make the Ca Maiol Winery a strong wine-producing presence among the most esteemed wineries of the area, which according to the family tradition lives on a daily pleasure of producing and offering excellent wines to the public. A true gem of cutting edge technology, the large underground cellar is the symbol of a company that takes vital energy from its ability to renew itself. Built in 2000 as first step of a wider process of development, the new cellar boasts modern equipment adapted to preserve the quality and typicity of the wine.Installations for vinification and bottling with a high level of technology never betray a desire to produce quality wines, made according to tradition.


The hand picking of the grape clusters, the gentle crushing, the carefully monitored fermentation and aging within lightly toasted French barrels, emphasise the natural phases of a production process remained unchanged throughout time and firmly linked to its family history.

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