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Cabriz is one of the most well-known wineries of DÃO region, with more than 200 years of history. The Dimension of the vineyards and the prestige of the wines are the base of the strength and awareness of Cabriz in the Portuguese market.

White wines, harmonious, fresh and delicate and red wines with classy, elegant and velvety, full of character, capable of the best pairings from the finest and exquisiet the most traditional and intense dishes.

That's why the Cabriz wines have achieved the highest ratings and awards from national and international wine writers and competitions.

The mass market wines here are always fine values. As you go up scale, they become ever more impressive, very burgundian in style. -Robert Parker

History of Cabriz Wine
25 years of history born in DÃO, a journey through the heart of portugal, through the land, through the mountains and its people.
That's how Cabriz was born. This is how DÃO region is. The stories we tell around the table, amongst friends. A wine that is yours, and ours. Cabriz celebrates 25 years of its history, replenished of good times. And that’s why so many say that DÃO is Cabriz. 

DÃO’s Symbolic Wine
Leading Brand from DÃO Region.
One of the most famous brands in Portugual.
Cabriz C.S. Red 90points Wine Spectator- Best Buy
Cabriz Reserva 91 points Wine Spectator
40 countries