Cantine San Silvestro

Hard work in the vineyard and the vinification as a work of art.
The characteristics of varieties and lands belong to a mosaic that has to be reassembled again when it gets in touch with our senses. It’s a richness of nuances that has to be projected, preserved and transmitted through all the phases of the production. All our wines are singularly controlled, in the vineyard and in the cellar. For this reason, during the last years, the best regions have been selected. Every wine is produced by following the coherence in the quality, which is our essence.

The “Cantine San Silvestro” is located in the territory of the Commune of Novello. It mainly produces the leading Piedmontese Doc and Docg red wines. The grapes vinified by Cantine San Silvestro are mostly grown in the Langhe, and from vineyards to be found in the Roero and the Monferrato. Today, San Silvestro represents the continuation of a project begun by Giovanni Sartirano, and carried forward through four generations. Over the years the firm - run today by cousins Paolo and Guido Sartirano - has gradually expanded beyond the local market, and now the production of “Cantine San Silvestro” is sold throughout Italy and abroad. Since 1988, the Tenuta Arnulfo Costa di Bussia estate in the area of Monforte d’Alba has also belonged to the Sartirano family, and in 2002 they also took over the Tenuta Ghercina estate, which includes vineyards in the villages of Barolo and Novello, where the headquarters of the company are now located.

Cultivation Philosophy
A rigorous pruning, made by a skilled staff that knows the history of each vine.
Manual stripping of leaves, that prepares the optimal maturation of the grapes.
Green harvest in the end of July to beginning August to leave only the best grapes and so reach the highest quality for every single vine.
Manual harvest with further selection of the best grapes, to guarantee the production of great wines.

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