Capo Zafferano Rosso Appassimento (2020)

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Country: Italy

Area: Puglia

Wine style: Red

Varietal: Primitivo, Merlot, Negroamaro

Style: Dry

Alc(%): 14.5

Grade: I.G.T.-アパッシメント

Producer: Progetti Agricoli

Serving Temperature(℃): 18-20

Size: 750ml

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Tasting Note:The good late maturation gives the characteristic notes of ripe and dried fruits, such as plums and raisins. The subsequent slight oak aging gives the pleasant notes of chocolate and spices that make this wine harmonic and balanced, pleasant and mature.

Food Matching: Great wine for roasted meats and to drink with game dishes such as wild boar and deer. Excellent with mature and savory hard cheeses, it is also a good meditation wine.

Grape variety: Negroamaro, Merlot, Primitivo.


Terroir: Salento area.


Geology: Plain 53,2%, hills 45,3%, Mountain 1,5%.


Vinification:The grapes come from selected vineyards in the Salento region, harvested at the beginning of October, to get a level of maturation such as to have a high sugar level and good alcohol content. Grapes are naturally dried on vines for about 15 days. During this period 50% of their weight vaporizes. Withering is obtained by cutting the grape shot but leaving the grapes on vines (Appassimento on vine). This gives the characteristic notes of ripe fruits, such as plums and raisins. After the accurate hand harvest, grapes are pressed and the fermentation starts; the skins are left in the must for a long period to extract flavors and the characteristic ruby red color.

Aging: In oak barrels for about 3 or 4 months.

Acidity: 6.0g/l

PH: 3.55.

Residual sugar: 9.00g/l

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