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Carmes de Rieussec (2017)

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Country: France

Area: Bordeaux / Sauternes

Wine style: White

Varietal: Muscadelle, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc

Style: Sweet

Producer: Château Rieussec

Serving Temperature(℃): 8-10

Size: 750ml

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Château Rieussec’s second wine is selected according to the same standards as the first wine. Its character consistently reveals a beautiful aromatic range dominated by citrus flavours. Carmes de Rieussec’s name is a reference to the Carmelite monks in Langon, who owned the Rieussec estate in the 18th century.

Tasting Note:  Deep, golden yellow colour. Superb brightness. The nose presents powerful aromatic expression. This is a characteristic of this very fine white Bordeaux vintage. The wine is fresh and pure, with notes of citrus fruit, tangerine and then candied melon. The attack is elegant with a pleasant lightness, the wine then quickly gains substantial volume on the palate. Supported by a good level of acidity, it remains very fresh. The finish is harmonious, with no heaviness and just the right amount of sweetness.

Grape variety:  Sémillon 94%, Sauvignon blanc 3%, Muscadelle 3%


After a fairly mild winter, there were two nights of severe frost in the spring, on 26 and 27 April, which inflicted major damage on Bordeaux’s vineyards. Rieussec escaped relatively lightly, with only 15% of the vines being affected.
Conditions then became excellent, with higher than usual temperatures, and balanced, well-spaced rainfall. Flowering began ten days earlier than usual, on 28 May.
After some heavy rain at the end of June, temperatures remained lower than normal throughout the summer, but it never became cold.
By the end of August, the positive effect of this cool, fresh year was apparent in Sauternes. The
rainy spell in mid-September was ideal, falling on the perfectly ripe, healthy grapes, it enabled the botrytis to get off to an excellent start.
The dry, cool weather then returned, and the vines progressed perfectly; the grapes’ flavours became concentrated as they were harvested in rounds of selective picking; the harvests were historically fast, revealing a vintage with exceptional aromatic intensity.
The harvests took place from 26 September to 12 October.


AVERAGE ANNUAL PRODUCTION:  Variable according to the vintage, on average 6,000 cases.



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