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Casa Bianchi

Bodegas Bianchi is a 4th generation, family-owned Argentine producer since1928 respected for its values and wines.  After almost a century of hard work and success, Bodegas Bianchi still shines with the legacy of the family, seeking to keep alive the passion for wine, crossing borderlines and constantly exploring new horizons.
In the words of their winemaker Silvio Alberto,  "Our guiding principles in wine making are to respect nature, best viticultural and oenological practices. We aim to create clean wines in which the fruit prevails with a sense of place.
In line with the idea that the soul of the wine is the fruit, we produce wines where the prevailing taste is clearly the grape. We take good care of the aroma - starting with the vine, we protect the leaves and clusters from direct sun exposure and we control the natural flora along the vines, avoiding radiation from soil to plant and preserving the land from erosion.
Bodegas Bianchi encompasses the exponents of the best Terroirs of Argentina under its hallmark. The philosophy is to constantly search for the ideal Terroir for each wine, offering variety and excellence.
Their estates are located in San Rafael Mendoza: They are irrigated by the pure water from Diamante river and receive the breeze of a continental climate that marks the precise rhythm for the ripening process of the best fruits, thanks to the different temperatures between day and night.
The height over sea level varies between 700 to 900 m, with silt loam soils composed of alluvial sediments, rich in calcium and organic matter - the desired variables for an exceptional production of yards. Snow is abundant in the mountain range, thus facilitating a greater flow of irrigation water.
With an average rainfall of 190 mm from October through March, their climate is dry and the average temperature is low – 14.8 degrees. There, the implanted varieties receive all the necessary care, maintenance and attention in order to obtain wines with the distinctive identity of San Rafael.
Leo Messi Foundation
The foundation was born from Lio Messi´s understanding that all children should have  the same opportunities to accomplish their dreams.
The mission of the foundation is to act in favor of the children under risk situations domestically and internationally in collaboration with other institutions that develop projects that align with the same values as the Leo Messi foundation.
With this idea in mind, Bodegas Bianchi was selected by the Leo Messi foundation for the elaboration of its wines, thus collaborating with the foundation in long-lasting commitment to building projects focused in health-care and educational developments for children with social disadvantages.