Bodegas Piedemonte

BODEGAS PIEDEMONTE is a future orientated project. It is a modern winery in a continue process of expansion based on quality and the internationalization of its products.

The new corporate identity adopts a modern, clean and elegant style that reflects dynamism and adaptation to the changes required in the present times.
This modernization reflects the positive attitude of its human team, which promotes the changes in the process of adaptation guaranteeing quality products.
BODEGAS PIEDEMONTE was founded in 1992 by a group of vinegrowers with the firm objective to create a new concept of company based on quality and the constant effort to evolve, according to the requirements of the market.
Their people are proud to continue the viticultural history, which has its roots in the Roman Empire two thousand years ago, then enriched by the Middle Age and dynamically continued until present time. Nowadays,they seek to harmonise tradition and modernity to maintain a leading position in a competitive and demanding market.
Bodegas PIEDEMONTE is located in the historical city of Olite, the highest viticulture tradition region in Navarre. The facilities as well as the vineyards are located in the geographical zone named PIEDEMONTE de Tafalla ・Olite・ This region has an extension between the Pyrenees and Ribera de Navarra delimited to the east by mountain Uju・and to the west by the hills of the river Cidacos.
Navarre Designation of Origin Control Board as well as the Viticulture and Oenology Institute are situated in front of our winery (Government of Navarre).
BODEGAS PIEDEMONTE owns a modern facility, equipped with adapted technology, which meets all the technical requirements at present.
The main winery area counts with a total capacity of 4.000.000 litres filled in temperature controlled Stainless steel tanks.
The ageing area counts on a capacity of 4.000 oak casks. This ageing area is properly conditioned, assuring ideal temperature and relative humidity.
The bottling plant is equipped with 4 deposits of a capacity of 21.000 litres, micro filtration equipment and a bottling and labeling capacity of 5.000 bottles per hour.
BODEGAS PIEDEMONTE counts with vineyard surfaces of 352 hectares distributed in several regions of the sub sector Ribera Alta de la D.O. Navarra.
They represent a wide variety of traditional grape sorts like the Garnacha, Tempranillo, Graciano and Viura, as well as French varieties like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.
These different grape varieties in accordance with the specific soil and climate are the basis for our winegrowers to apply their viticultural knowledge. Hereby obtaining a fruit which specificity turns to a main element at the time of conferring own character to wines of BODEGAS PIEDEMONTE.
The winery has a wide range of varieties, within the red variety we can highlight, in order of cultivable soil extension, Merlot, Cabernet, Tempranillo and Garnacha.
In white grape varieties, the winery cultivate in small percentage but of great importance, Viura, Muscatel (small berried) and Chardonnay. A small percentage because of the singularity of wines we can elaborate from these grape sorts.
The region has a continental Mediterranean climate, which indicates warm and dry summers, favorable for a proper maturation of the fruit; cold winter, essential for the vine grape winter rest and convenient rainy springs for the grape water deposit, necessary in summer.
The vineyards of BODEGAS PIEDEMONTE extend on a ground of long viticultural tradition. In the main regions are further cultivable zones as follows:
Olite arid terrain, one of the main grounds of the winery, presents a terraced surface, characterized by its minor depth and stony soil. The soils are loose clayey and well drained.
Cadreita, another zone to be highlighted, presents a hill landscape with expanding horizontal surfaces and a deformed hillside situation. These soils are very arid and very stony as much as in profundity as on surface. The clay-textured soil does not show any drainage deficit due to its favorable terraced form.
The vineyards of BODEGAS PIEDEMONTE have been cultivated for years by grape growers with high viticultural qualification.
The winery has technical personnel that control the vineyards from ripening till harvest period. By the time harvest is reached the winegrowers have compiled all the information about soil conditions, grape quality and destination.
BODEGAS PIEDEMONTE has established a methodology to ensure the total control and differentiation of the grapes under several criteria for the upcoming elaboration in winery.
BODEGAS PIEDEMONTE elaborates a wide range of wines harmonized to the present tendencies of the main markets.
Their continued effort to create new wine styles enable us to offer a wide range of products such as the varietal young Wine, elaborated with traditionally Spanish grapes or French multi grape varieties like Merlot or Chardonnay.

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