Cellier Des Ursulines

At the origin of the Cellier des Ursulines there is Mr. Dominique Raveau.
He came from a long family of negociants in Burgundy, from father to son since several generations.
After more than 30 years at the head of the family company, he decided in 2007 to sell it and create the Cellier des Ursulines, a new “Maison de Vins” more personal.

In 2013 M. Raveau wanted to retire. Then he met Stéphane Moreau, a passionate trader in wines of Burgundy wines, and Antoine Laurent, a young wine merchant, and this was the origin of the current Cellier des Ursulines.

The love of Stéphane and Antoine in Burgundy terroirs and their Great Wines, but above all their common passion for discovering and tasting bottles of “old” vintages from Domaines, therefore, the Cellier des Ursulines actual offers, at the end of a meticulous work of research and selection, a wide range of bottled wines, from “ready to drink” and “old” vintages, directly from the wine cellars throughout Burgundy.

If the technical and administrative management of the Cellier des Ursulines is provided by Antoine and his staff (3 more persons), all of the wines offered are tasted and selected by the two friends, Antoine and Stéphane.

Today, the Cellier des Ursulines specializes in the purchase of batches of so-called ""opportunity"" Burgundy wines and a leader in the diversity of its offer and the volume of old or mature vintages on offer.

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