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Chateau Angelus

Here in Saint-Emilion at Chateau Angelus, on the land of our ancestors, vines and wine are like a religion, a passion which is shared by every member of the family.

Eager to carry on the glorious history of this estate we have sought at Chateau Angelus to preserve the identity of the great wines of Saint Emilion's south facing slopes in keeping a high proportion of Cabernet Franc and by entering this First Classified Growth enthusiastically into a third millennium of existinguish new technology.

Vintages come and go and are never quite the same. This is the magic of a great terroir which is constantly renewed and enriched by a capricious climate. Each of these years contributes to the rich history of Chateau Anglus. There are no lesser quality vintages, only different ones.

The highest standards propel us towards ever higher levels of excellence, which is the reason why our label inspires both confidence and excitement.


The Angelus style is the alliance between an audacious grape variety and an outstanding terroir. It is that unique character that comes from the south-facing slope of Saint-Emilion and the high proportion of Cabernet Franc that is always a joy to find each vintage, year after year, with its richness, density, unctuousity, elegance, pedigree, purity and freshness.

The Angelus style is a work that is re-orchestrated each year with excellence as its permanent quest.

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