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Chateau Beychevelle

Château Beychevelle, A prestigious Cru Classé whose character has been forged by three centuries of history…
Nowhere does the word Château in its noblest sense ring as true as it does at Beychevelle.

The elegance of its classical architecture makes it a jewel in the crown of the Médoc, coveted since its creation by the powerful families who have successively marked the economic, political and cultural life of Bordeaux and the region.

Under Henri III, Beychevelle was the fief of the Dukes of Epernon, particularly the first of them: 
Jean-Louis Nogaret de la Valette. This Admiral and Governor of Guyenne was all-powerful; according to legend, the boats that passed before his Château had to lower their sails as a sign of allegiance.

Hence the name "Baisse-Voile" (lowering of sails), which was to become Beychevelle, and the emblem of the Château, the ship with a prow in the shape of a griffin guarding Dionysus' cellar.

Built in the 17th century, reconstructed by the Marquis de Brassier in 1757 and extended by the Heine family at the end of the 19th century, Château Beychevelle has recently been restored to its original splendour.

Classical in its lines, the imposing façade, topped with a majestic triangular pediment and with wings on each side, is embellished with volutes and vases that give it an exuberantly baroque appearance. 
Today owned by Grands Millésimes de France (Castel and Suntory Groups), Château Beychevelle offers a unique setting for the organisation of prestigious events. 

Since the Middle Ages the illustrious owners of Château Beychevelle have gradually endowed it with the best plots of land and have perpetuated the tradition that has always been of prime importance in the destiny of this Grand Cru Classé.