Chateau Canon

1er GRAND CRU CLASSE << B >>Château Canon owes its name to its 18th century owner M. Kanon who by 1760 had converted the whole estate to wine growing and when he sold it in 1770 the estate had a total of 13 ha under vines. Later in 1876 a further 5 ha’s were added to the property, but since then the property has remained unchanged. It’s current owners the Fournier family have now owned the property since 1919.
The family adopts a very traditional approach to winemaking, with a long hot fermentation in oak vats and a minimum of 50% new wood is used each year. The quality of the wine is said to be on par with a Medoc second growth.
Second label: Clos J. Kanon
Area under vines: 18 ha.
Av. prod.: 6,250 cases of the grand vin.
Distr. of vines.: In one piece
Soil: Mixture of clay & sandy soils on limestone.
Grape varieties: 55% Merlot, 45% Cabernet Franc
Pruning: Guyot simple
Vines per ha.: 6,500
Av. age of vines: 35 years
Av. yield per ha.: 40hls
Harvesting: Hand picked
Length of maceration: 15-20 days
Temp. of fern.: 25-27C.
Control of fermentation: Refrigeration
Type of vat: Oak
Vin de presse: Sometimes depending on the vintage.
Age of casks: 50%-60% new
Time in Barrels : 19-20 months
Fining: Fresh egg whites
Filtration: No
Type of bottle: Bordelaise lourde
Bottled at the chateau: 100%
STORAGE: 7-25 Years.
FOOD/CONSUMPTION: Is good with sweetbreads and kidneys. Best with soft cheeses in a wax crust (Brie).

Clos Canon becomes Croix Canon

From the 2011 vintage, Clos Canon, second wine of Château Canon, will be called Croix Canon.

A precise vineyard and dedicated facilities

In 2011, Chateau Canon has expanded its vineyard with the purchase of 12.5 hectares (29 acres) of vines of Chateau Matras, leading the global superficy to 34 hectares (84 acres). Surrounded by prestigious neighbours (Angélus, Quintus, le Dôme, Beauséjour Duffau Lagarosse…) Matras is located in the continuation of the clay and limestone plateau of St. Emilion.

From that purchase and after a whole year of renovations at the Chapel of Mazerat (where the technical building of Matras were), a new label is born: Croix Canon

Croix Canon is made with the young wines from the clay and limestone plateau of Canon, and those recently acquired on the slope of St Emilion. The grape varieties are 70% Merlot and 30% Cabernet Franc.

Every day until the end of September, a precise plot by plot management guides the decisions of our technical team. A manual sorting during picking is the final guarantee of selecting the best berries. Croix Canon benefits from a modern and efficient vatroom, integrating gravity to manipulate the grapes as gently as possible. The ageing takes place in a dedicated cellar. To preserve the quality of the fruit and the aromatic balance, Croix Canon is aged for 18 months, using 20% of new oak barrels.

A unique place: the Chapel of Mazerat

To succeed in this project, John Kolasa’s team combined all of its energy to renovate a unique place: the Chapel of Mazerat. Much more than just a technical building used to make the best wine possible, this chapel, with the help of the “Batiments de France” and skilled traditional craftsmen has been restored to its former glory, whist maintaining its history dating back to the 12th century.

The vatroom lies beneath a magnificent oak beam, which date back more than 200 years. A stained-glass window, with in the middle a camellia is, a discrete nod to Coco Chanel, diffuses a soft light to the tasting area. From there, the visitors can enjoy a beautiful view of the vatroom. But the magic of the place happens elsewhere: Croix Canon ages in barrels, in the middle of the Chapel…religiously! The final touch of the renovation was installed on top of the bell tower: a 66 kg bell, specifically designed by the foundry of Cornille-Havard at Villedieu lès poêles.

A family likeness with Château Canon, 1st grand Cru Classé
Since the purchase of these plots in 2011, John Kolasa and his team bring their experience from managing the historical vineyard of Château Canon to the terroir of Croix Canon. From pruning to harvesting, the skilled vine workers realize each and every task with the same attention as the older brother, Château Canon. Even during each step of the vinification, the greatest concern and care, faithful to the high standards characteristic of Château Canon, are implemented.Following the example of its elder sibling, this second wine offers a fruity and velvety taste, the freshness and elegance showing through in its youth.