Chateau du Tertre

This chateau is situated on the highest ground in the Margaux appellation in Arsac, hence the reason for its name ‘tertre’ a word which means a knoll, a piece of high ground. It is also the only classified growth of Arsac. The vineyard is unusual because it is one contiguous parcel of land.
Second label: None.
Area under vines: 45ha.
Av. prod.: 12,000 cases.
Distr. of vines.: In one block.
Soil: Fine gravel & sand, chalky subsoil.
Grape varieties: 85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cabernet Franc , 10% Merlot.
Pruning: Guyot Double Medocaine.
Rootstock: Riparia Gloire,101-14.
Vines per ha.: 5,600.
Av. age of vines: 30 years.
Av. yield per ha.: 30hl.
Harvesting: Hand Picked.
Added yeasts: If necessary.
Length of maceration: 21-24 days,
Temp. of ferm.: 28-30C.
Control of fermentation: Running water on the exterior of the tank.
Type of vat: Lined steel.
Vin de presse.: Up to 10% included according to vintage.
Casks: 30%-50% new each vintage.
Time in cask: 24 months.
Fining: Fresh egg whites.
Filtration: Light, sur plaque, at bottling.
Type of bottle: Borderlaise.
Bottled at the chateau: 100%.
STORAGE: 6-15 Years.
FOOD/CONSUMPTION: Basic meat and potato dishes: filet mignon, lamb filets, steaks that are sauteed or grilled.

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