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Chateau La Mission-Haut-Brion

Certainly one of the oldest present day estates with a firm vinous connection. La Mission-Haut-Brion, owes its name, its origin and its reputation to a congregation which was called the “Mission Preachers”. This was a religious community which was founded in the 17th century by Saint Vincent de Paul. At that time, these wines were destined for the tables of the princes of the church. During this time the wines were the favorite of Marshal de Richelieu who used to say “If God had forbidden drinking, would he have made this wine so good? ”. During the revolution the monks were dispossessed and the property was then sold by the State to a Martial-Victor Vaillant on the 14th of November 1792.

The vineyard is in the suburbs of Pessac & Talence with the Paris-Madrid railway cutting through the vineyard. There are claims that the urban surroundings are advantageous in that they raise the temperature around the vineyard. Also its position close to the city gives the Chateau access to a large harvesting force at short notice. One of the Chateau's most noted owners is Henri Woltner, who pioneered the use of glass lined tanks in the vinification process in 1926. These vats which are still in use today, are short and squat, and because of their shape, tend to increase the grape-skin-to-juice contact during fermentation which contributes to the character of this wine. Second label: Le. Chai-neuf

  • Area under vines: 22ha.
  • Av. prod.: 8,000 cases
  • Grape varieties: 40% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc , 50% Cabernet Sauv
  • Soil: Gravel (of exceptional depth)
  • Pruning: Guyot simple
  • Vines per ha.: 10,000
  • Av. age of vines: 22 years
  • Av. yield per ha.: 37hl.
  • Harvesting: Hand picked
  • Added yeasts: natural
  • Length of maceration: 14-15
  • Temp. of fern.: 28C
  • Control of fermentation: Refrigeration, according to need
  • Type of vat: Glass lined steel tanks.
  • Vin de presse.: First pressing, according to necessity.
  • Age of casks: 100% new
  • Time in Barrels : 24 months
  • Fining: Egg whites
  • Filtration: At bottling
  • Type of bottle: Borderlaise
  • Bottled at the chats 100%
  • STORAGE: 8-30 Years.
  • FOOD/CONSUMPTION: Ideal with lievre a la royale.