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Chateau Montrose

Chateau Montrose is made in a small village belonging to the property, with street names in white lettering on blue enameled metal signs, just like the Champs Elysees. The estate was bought in 1866 by Alsace born Mathieu Dolfus, and who’s memory is kept alive by the signs which bear such names as Rue d’Alsace.
The name Chateau Montrose refers to the old name for this vineyard, the rose-colored hill, perhaps so called because it used to be covered with pink flowering heather. It has 67ha of vineyard which slopes down gradually to the river and which also helps the grapes to ripen early.
Chateau Montrose was classified as a second growth in the 1855 classification. The Estate has belonged to the Charmolue family since 1896 and it is now under the dynamic management of Jean-Louis Charmolue. They have a splendid cuvier (room housing the fermenting vats) with huge, old, open vats and in 1983 they completed a striking new barrel cellar.
Vinification is in oak vats for the Cabernet Sauvignon while the Merlot is fermented in stainless steel, for 20-25 days with up to 20% of the juice being removed and thrown away depending on the year (since 1988). Aging is in 225 litres barrels for two years, with 6 rackings, eventually fining with fresh egg whites.
Second label: La Dame de Montrose
Area under vines: 67ha.
Av. prod.: 23,500 cases
Distr. of vines.: In one block .
Soil: Gravel to a depth of 3-4 metres, on subsoil of clay and marl
Grape varieties: 25% Merlot
65% Cabernet Sauvignon
10% Cabernet Franc
Pruning: Guyot double
Vines per ha.: 9,000
Av. age of vines: 40 years
Av. yield per ha.: 32hl
Harvesting: Manual
Added yeasts: Not normally, but yes if the need arises
Length of maceration: 20-25 days
Temp. of ferm.: 30C
Control of fermentation: Temperature taken three times daily
Type of vat: Stainless steel & oak.
Vin de presse.: Part added or not according to quality
Age of casks: 25-30% new
Time in Barrels : 24 months
Fining: 6 fresh egg-whites per cask
Filtration: none
Type of bottle: Bordeaux Grand Cru
Bottled at the chateau: 100%
STORAGE: 5-25 Years.
FOOD/CONSUMPTION: Goes well with basic meat dishes:’filet mignon, lamb filets, steaks’ that are sauteed or grilled. Also recommended to go well with roast beef