Chateau Rauzan Segla

Adjoining Rauzan-Gassies, with which it originally formed a single vineyard, is Rausan Segla. This is one of the oldest and most famous crus in Margaux, with some of its buildings dating back over three hundred years. The vineyard used to belong to the noble house of Gassies, but in in 1661, Pierre des Mesures de Rausan bought the vineyard and gave it his name. It remained in the Mesures de Rausan family, for over two hundred years.
The Rausans were a family of merchants, one of whose descendants, M. de Rausan, was a member of the Bordeaux Parliament, in the eighteenth century. Story has it, that he being dissatisfied with the price offered for his wine in Bordeaux, chartered a ship which he loaded with casks from two good vintages and sailed for London. Using his ship in the Thames as an office, his initiative brought him both publicity and orders. But he still did not consider the price high enough, so he announced that, unless he secured what he considered a fair price, he would throw the casks into the river, barrel by barrel. After four casks had thus being jettisoned the onlookers could stand it no longer and surrendered to the vendor.
Later the vineyard was divided in 1792, with two-thirds remaining to the Baronne de Ségla, last descendant of the Rausan family and whose name was added to that of the estate. And one third to a politician, the Seigneur de Gassies. The château remained with the Ségla portion. However more recently, in August 1994, this property was acquired by the wine loving Wertheimer family, owners of the Chanel perfume and fashion house. Having failed to acquire Ch. Latour in 1993, they coaxed Latour’s President, John Kolasa to manage their new property. It is their intention to pour money into Segla to get the highest expression from the château. The château itself was built in 1904, replacing an older building, and a huge new vinification and aging unit was added during 1985 in the park to the rear of the château. It should be noted that it was classified only 2nd to Mouton Rothschild among the second growths.
Thomas Jefferson wrote; ‘...Rozan-Margau, which is made by Madame de Rozan.... this is what I import for myself.. ’
Area under vines: 50ha’s.
Second label: Châteaux de Lamouroux.
Av. prod.: 16,000 cases.
Distr. of vines.: Several parcels
Soil: Gravel.
Added yeasts: natural yeast added.
Length of maceration: 18-24 days.
Temp. of ferm.: 30°-32°C.
Control of fermentation: heated and chilled.
Type of fermentation tanks: Stainless steel.
Age of barrels: 50% new oak.
Time in barrel: 23 months.
Fining: Egg whites.
Filtration: Light filtration before bottling.
Type of bottle: Bordelaise
Bottled at the chateau: 100%
Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon-66%
Cabernet Franc-2%
Vines per ha.: 6,700.
Average age: 16 years.
Av. yield per ha.: 45 hectoliters/hectare.
Harvesting: Manual.
STORAGE: 7-22 years.
FOOD / CONSUMPTION: They are a perfect complement to lamb, veal, poultry and delicate game.

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