Chateau Tertre Roteboeuf

The name of this château derives from the oxen which were once used to plough the steep slopes of this property. Exposed to the hot sun while they worked, the oxen roasted in the heat – hence ‘roast beef’. 

The wines are produced by François Mitjavile, who has in mind to make a wine from this splendidly situated vineyards that has the extract and intensity of wines such as La Fleur Petrus and Certan de May in Pomerol.
In order to achieve such goals he harvests late, and through crop thinning as well as pruning he obtains yields that are often half the size of his more famous neighbors. Through these practices he achieves in making concentrated wines. Since 1985 he has been using up to 100% new oak.
As a result of his efforts Le Tertre-Roteboeuf’s micro-sized vineyard now receives worldwide attention, with some people proclaiming that it should be elevated to Premier Grand Cru Classé status
Second label: none.
Grape varieties: Merlot 80%.
                           Cabernet Franc 20%.
Average age: 24 years.
Area under vines: 5ha.
Harvesting: Manual
Av. prod.: 2,000 cases.
Type of vat: oak.
Age of barrel: Up to 100% new.
Time in barrel: 18-22 months.
Type of bottle: Bordelaise.
Bottled at the chateau:  100%.
STORAGE: 3-15 years.
FOOD / CONSUMPTION: They are a perfect complement to lamb, veal, poultry and delicate game.

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