Chateau Tour de Pez

Meticulous studies of archives allow us to understand the history of Chateau Tour de Pez. The name of the hamlet PEZ is native from the native belonged to the PONTAC & FUMEL families in the 16th century the former name of the estate: "l'hereteyre" comes from the legal interpretation of the french word "heritage" which means a kind of lease granted by the LORD of the domain.

In the 17th century, the estate belonged to the Abbey located in VERTHEUIL EN MEDOC, this fact is mentioned in a trail of the parliament of Bordeaux in 1702.

Since 1931 the estate has been called Chateau Tour de Pez, TOUR means tower, which was built in the 13th century, overcoming the buildings and the plots of vines registered in the location called PEZ.

Since 1989 the family BOUCHARA owned Chateau TOur de Pez and has renewed buildings, the equipments and the tower too.

The important efforts and the passion of winemaking can be founded in the quality of the wines produced.

The family BOUCHARA provided technical similar to the Grands Crus Classes.


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