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Chateau Troplong Mondot

Troplong Mondot is one of its most beautiful ongoing testimonials of thevery old tradition of wine growing in Saint-Émilion. At the beginning of the XVIIIth century, the Mondot estate belonged to one of the most prestigious aristocratic families in Gironde: the de Sèze family. They became famous by defending Louis XVI before the Constitution. The count, Peer de France, who was also a member of the French Academy,naturally brought his renown to the property, and the wine of Mondot became among the most sought after in Saint-Émilion.

n 1850, Raymond-Théodore Troplong acquired Mondot. Inspite of already having many and important national responsibilities, this jurist, President of the Senate under the Second Empire, helped contribute to expanding the vineyard and promoting the reputation of the estate. It was Edouard Troplong who, at the death of Raymond, inherited the vineyard. Following a trend at that period, he added Mondot to his own name. Troplong Mondot was born!
t the beginning of the XXth century, Alexander Valette, a wine merchant in Paris bought the property shaped by its previous owners. Had he remembered, in 1868 it was established as one of the “Grands” of Saint-Émilion in Féret’s list? Or had he been charmed by the magic of this property and the beauty of the garden surrounding this large attractive home facing the village of Saint-Émilion? His son Bernard, inherited the estate, then his grand-son Claude, took over the property. In 1981, Claude Valette entrusted the destiny.