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Conte Ottavio Piccolomini

Pieroth and Piccolomini

Conte Ottavio Piccolomini have been a partner of Pieroth for over 25 years.

A lot of you will have enjoyed a glass or two of their wines in the past and those of you who haven't will be getting the chance to do so soon and on the future.

Their wines are typical in style, character and taste of fine Italian wines. When selecting wines to showcase to Pieroth customers, great importance is placed on the respectful approach to the environment, high quality standards, and the dedication and genuine enthusiasm of the winemaker to his work.

The strong traditional family values of Conte Ottavio Piccolomini shine through in every original, and individual wine.

The Coat of Arms

Each bottle carries the logo of Conte Ottavio Piccolomini, and central to it is the coast of arms of the traditional Piccolomini; a blue cross with five golden half-moons.

At either side sit olive branches as a symbol for the closeness to Tuscany nature, alongside the symbol of the pope's crown and keys, from which the Piccolomini family have arisen.


Our team at Conte Ottavio Piccolomini call Italy their home and make it their business to share their love of Italian wines with you: our customers.

We believe a good wine is a result of lasting cooperation between winemaker and nature, with a careful and sensitive approach to every small detail. The grapes, vineyards, soil and weather that go into making a Piccolomini wine is as individual as the person that makes it, and the person that tastes it.

HIstory and Tradition

Genuineness, passion, and the desire to please - Conte Ottavio Picolomini stands for the original Italian way of life.

Conte Ottavio Piccolomini was born in 1599 in Florence, the capital of Tuscany, and was descended from the influential noble family of Piccolomini; a deeply rooted traditional Italian and he himself entered the service of the commander of Wallenstein at the age of 28 years.

A cosmopolitan man; Conte Ottavio Piccolomini travelled well and got to know locals from all different walks of life. Simple country living was as familiar to him as patrician houses and palaces, wherever he stayed though, he always made sure to carry the perfect bottle of Italian wine to compliment the company and meal that evening.

In his time Conte Ottavio Piccolomini was a symbol of Italian joy, pleasure and zest for life, and we look to continue that by sharing his passion with you through these excellent exclusive wines.