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Austrian wine is the product both of a cultural heritage embracing three millennia and of a very modern, forward-looking agriculture. It is much more than a wonderful accompaniment to the music of Mozart, Schubert, Strauss, and Mahler. Austria Austrian wine is a wine for all seasons, and all seasons of Austria’s landscape are reflected in its wines: it reflects the sun when the rain clears off the Styrian hills and the first rays break through the clouds painting the wet contours of hills, trees and vines; it catches the light from the Danube on a hot summer’s day in the terraced vineyards of the Wachau, home to some of the world’s great Rieslings. 280 million hectolitres of wine are made every year in the world. Austria produces less than one percent of this total. A small wine country like Austria therefore has to aim for the highest possible qualities in order to be able to compete. Four components are decisive: the soil, the climate, the vines, and last but not least the human factor: the people who make the wine by trying to find the ideal balance between the characteristics of the soil, the microclimate, and the grape varietals ideally suited to these circumstances.

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