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"Two of the most important characteristics of Chilean wine production are the exceptional climate and geography of our country. Chile´s climate allows us to achieve optimum maturity for each wine we produce, and the varied geography allows us to produce virtually any variety found in the market. The wine producing areas in Chile extend over 850 kms North to South, and go from sea level in the West to the high Andes in the East. This area is full of different local terroirs which produce distinct varietal expressions. Just to give one example, the “tropical” Chardonnays from the Casablanca valley are different from the “mineral” Chardonnays found in southern Chile.
The current state of the industry, after 20 years of fast technological development in search of higher quality, presents a broad spectrum of wineries specializing in different niches. This way, the Chilean wine industry is constantly moving towards the more Premium segment of the international market, thanks to a combination of Chile´s natural conditions, state-of-the-art technology, and the professional experience acquired over the years by our viticulturists, winemakers and marketeers."

Matias Aguirre Winemaker Viña Millaman

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