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Welcome to Argentina.

If you have ever had the chance to visit us, some things may have made an impression on you. The European air of Buenos Aires; the majesty of the Andes; the heritage and cultural richness of the Argentine North and the friendliness and warmth of our people. Also, there are many other attractions, which draw an increasing number of visitors from around the world.

Wine deserves special recognition among all these other attractions. Argentina’s long-standing tradition of producing high quality wine has been unknown to many for a long time. Up until a decade ago most of these wines were destined almost exclusively for domestic consumption.

Vine were originally planted here in 1569, today we are the sixth largest producer of wine. The wine production is mainly centered in province of Mendoza the rest in San Juan, Rio Negro and the northern provinces. Heavy foreign investment, the advent of international consultants and the introduction of the new technology, let to rapid progress within the country’s wine industry.

While strong investments made over the last few years have substantially increased the supply of Argentine wines, it is also true that domestic demand for these wines has increased in direct proportion to consumers’ familiarity with these wines.

These new generations of Argentines, educated in a culture where wine is appreciated, have injected a high level of enthusiasm into the business. This, together with the interest our wines generate abroad, as reflected in the arrival of numerous internationally renowned experts and investors, allows us to envisage a strong potential for development.

Beef and Malbec have both become synonymous with Argentina.

Originally from Bordeaux, Malbec is inherently tannic and acidic, yet in the climate of its adopted home it produces wines with less acidity and riper, richer fruit accentuated by a higher alcohol content. Other grape varieties and international favorites are Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. While whites include Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay weigh in as the international favorites they also produce a very fragrant and aromatic white from Torrontes .

You will find Argentinean wines to be the perfect companion any time you wish to celebrate and special occasion. Salud!

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