Close to Rome this is one of the countries largest regions ranking 5th in volume close behind Tuscany and produces one of the largest selling wines, Frascati made principally from trebbiano and the local malvasia di candia. Its other well-known wine is Est! Est!! Est!!! ( It is! It is!! It is!!!). The myth behind the name tells of a German Bishop who liked wine, was traveling through Italy. He used to send his servant ahead to look for inns with good wines. When the Valet found a tavern offering outstanding wine he was instructed to write on the door with chalk the word Est – thus conveying to the master who was following that the wine here was good. However when the servant discovered the Moscatello wine of the Umbrian village of Montefiacone he was so impressed that he wrote Est! Est!! Est!!! hence the origin of the name. In fact the legend does go further, telling how the bishop did stop but unfortunately drank himself to death and is now buried in the village. The region also produces one of the classic wines of antiquity, Falernum.

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