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Piedmont - in Italian, it means "at the foot of the mountain"-, is Italy's most western region bordering Switzerland and France. The region is well known for its gastronomy and produces the largest number of noble and world appreciated wines.The productions of strong reds is predominant in this landlocked, mountainous region and are the perfect complement to the rich and hearty cuisine featuring white truffles, cheese fondue, rice, meats, pastas and stuffed vegetables. Under the black grape grown here is the distinguished Nebbiolo, which is the base for the famed Barolo (wine of the kings and king of the wines), Barbaresco and Gattinara among others. The Barbera grape can make both very youthful and fruity or powerful structured red wines. Other interesting red wines are Freisa, Grignolino and Dolcetto.Among the whites the Asti Spumante and Moscato d'Asti are sweet sparkling wine from Moscato grapes that are perfect with the rich pastries products. Others whites are the dry and fine Cortese and Arneis.An important distinguished characteristic of Piedmont is that most of its wines are produced on family estates made up of relatively small parcels of land.

Paolo Alliata
Winemaker and owner
Villa Terlina