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Apulia is now Italy’s largest in terms of wine production, producing approximately 17% of Italys total and earning itself the title “Europe’s wine cellar” Yet surprisingly enough only 2% Apulian wines have D.O.C. Historically the region was noted for it quality with its merits praised by poets and writer such as Tibulus, Pliny the Elder and Horace. Today the focus of attention is without doubt more on the narrow Salento Pennisula in the far south.Here the indigenous negroamaro “bitterblack”, is renowned for its depth of color, intense wines agreeable wines. However some producers have created more approachable rosso salento by blending with malvasia nera to reduce the inherent bitter finish of the negroamaro.   Some producers like Rocca in their Cuvee Reale additionally add Montepulciano and Primitivo to give smoother wines.The other noted traditional variety is the Primitivo, better know as Zinfandel in the New World. However here it has it own distinctive character producing powerful, heady robust and mouthfilling wines but with less emphasizes on the primary fruit character then their California counterparts.