Sicily the largest of the Mediterranean islands, a mountainous fertile island, is one of Europe's oldest viticulture regions; Sicily's rich soil and dry climate are ideal for the production of great grapes. Best known for fortified dessert wines, such as Marsala. In the last few years there has been a tremendous development, in modern techniques and winemaking, this coupled with a unique blending of local Sicilian grapes varieties and international ones, has spawned a new industry.Among whites, Insolia, Damaschino or Grillo blended with Chardonnay. Sicilian Reds use to be infamously strong and overbearing, but the distinctive Nero d'Avola is often preferred in its purest varietals form. Today the New style Nero, has gained enormously in elegancy, and ages particularly well. Our Boccantino is a good example of this.

Gerard Brunting
Cantine Boccantino
Torre Marrina

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