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The cult of Dyonisos has its origin on the shores of Danube river, where the Geto-Dacians, the ancestors of the Romanians, were already dedicated to the cultivation of the vines as stated the historian Xenopol.

An important testimony are the travel notes of the Bishop Anton Veransics ( 1504 - 1575) where he wrote: " Within any valley crossing the sunny hills covered by vineyards you can drink wines, strong or delicate, white or red, all so tasty and noble, that you can forget the wines produced in Falernum or Champagne".

With the passsing of centuries, a more accurate selection of the quality and of the area of production and, especially, the improvement of the wine-making skills have led to a wide recognition and aclaim of Romania with international merit awards, as an wine country of major value and importance.

There are still famous today the wines from Cotnari, Samburesti, Murfatlar and Dealu Mare. The fyloxera attack of 1884, the first and the second world wars and the last political regime which separated the wine-growers from their own vineyards constitute a concatenation of events which determined the disappearance of Romania from the world wine stage.

Since 1989, with the revolution in Romania, the wine-growers had the opportunity to return to the cultivation of their so-loved vineyards and a new era was initiated.

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