Domaine Pinson

HISTORY of the Pinson Estate

1640: Date of the latest documents inventoring the Pison's family in Chablis.
1880: Louis Pinson sells its first bottles.
1983 and 1987: Laurent and Christophe Pinson arrive at the estate after winegrowing studies at Beaune. They work with their grand-father Louis.
Since 1982 to 2009, The vineyard has been espansed from 4 to 12 ha.
2004: Creation of a new and technologic winery, expansion of the capacity of stocks, a new press house, restoration of two cellars intented to ageing wines in barrels.
2007: New system of harvest reception.
2008: Charlène Pinson arrive at the estate after a HND in viticulture-oenologie at Beaune.


Our vineyard is composed of 12ha in production. We have a great vineyard which permits us to diversify our range of wines.
Today we cultivate 2ha94 of CHABLIS AOC, 7ha02 of CHABLIS PREMIER CRU , and 2ha57 of CHABLIS GRAND CRU vineyards.
The diversity of the chablisian soils and the orientations of our parcels permits us to separate our Premiers Crus in different climates: La Forêt, Montmain, Vaugiraut, Vaillons, Fourchaume, Mont de Milieu. Each one has it’s particular and inimitable characteristics. Our parcels of Grand Cru are located on the Grand Cru LES CLOS, the best known in Chablis.


In our estate, every year, the vinifications techniques vary depending on the vintage. Since the 2003 vintage we are working in a new and technologic winery which incorporates the latest technology. This new production tool is a great asset which contributes to the quality of our wines. This new equipment enables us to work in the best conditions and with an irreproachable hygiene .
Our winery is equipped with a temperature control system managed by computers. So, during the vinifications, the conditions are optimal. In fact, the temperature have to be controlled very seriously.
At the estate, we have a cellar where we receive our clients and which the construction date to the birth of the PINSON family.


Our range of wines, is composed of 9 references which will impress your taste buds and will enchant your palate. Firstly, Chablis AOC: so fresh, mineral and flowery. Secondly, the left side Premiers Crus, always crisp and mineral. Then, the right side Premiers Crus: fruity, concentrated and warm. To finish, the Grand Cru Les Clos : their richness, power and subtlety perfectly transmits the notion of terroir. Your palet will be treated to a unique explosion of complex flavours with a finish tha lingers and changes. A truly great wine.

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