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Established in Bordeaux since 1840, Dourthe has remained true to the value underpinning its rich and original history – the importance of terroir, the relentless pursuit of excellence and an innovative spirit. Today, Dourthe is one of the most impressive wine producers in Bordeaux and recognised as one of the great winemakers across the globe. Grape growers first and foremost, and also the proud owner of a number of prestigious chateaux and creator of premium quality wines, Dourthe observes an uncompromising quality policy across its entire portfolio, which is reviewed and fine-tuned every year.

The faithful expressions of the Bordeaux Grands Terroirs.
The Bordeaux wine growing region is remarkable for the exceptional quality and great variety of its terroirs, as illustrated by the different appellations.
The Dourthe Grands Terroirs range includes the most representative appellation and offers wine lovers the opportunity to discover the different facets of Bordeaux through these authentic wines, each with their own special character.

The guarantee of the Dourthe skills.
The Grands Terroirs are the result of a particularly strict selection procedure carried out by the Dourthe oenologists from among hundreds of batches, only the most interesting wines are selected, those with a well-balanced structure and a personality typical of their appellation. The blend then creates a wine of character with its complex fruity notes and its supple tannins. 

Consistent quality, vintage after vintage.                                                                                                                                                                                                 The mission of Dourthe’s oenologists is to reproduce the character of each cuvee faithfully from one vintage to the next.
Long-lasting partnerships with the estates allows Dourthe to achieve a continuous style each the years.

Affordable wines you can rely.
The consistent quality, distinctive character of the wine and relative price stability make the Grands Terroirs range one that can be relied on by wine-lovers who wish to enjoy all the variety of the wines that Bordeaux offers.

DOURTHE La Grande Cuvée Bordeaux rouge
• An uncompromising selection of different representative vineyards in the Bordeaux appellation provides a large choice of diverse terroirs. It results in a great wine, fruity, full and complex, typical of Grand Bordeaux wines.
• A regular vineyard supervision with Dourthe winemakers - experts in raising truly great wines with the partners : a meticulous monitoring of the parcels, vines, attentive winemaking, technical support of our partners
• A 12 months ageing of the very best wines in new French oak barrels, developing harmony, roundness, aromatic complexity: the final blending gives a powerful, rich and well balanced wine.

DOURTHE La Grande Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc, Bordeaux
• Identifying the best varietals and the finest terroirs.: For the white wine Sauvignon Blanc was an obvious choice, which marries aromatic intensity with good structure; identifying the « cold » calcareous clay terroirs to the north of the appellation, particularly suited to the cultivation of Sauvignon Blanc.
• Forging strong partnerships with growers: to allow extensive support in the vineyard and guarantee that only the best parcels are selected.
• Innovative winemaking: Pellicular maceration for the white wine to enrich the aromas in the must, temperature control for the red to give good balance, fruit content and structure.
• The importance of ageing: White: ageing on its fine lees for 5 to 6 months




Environmental Principles at Vignobles DOURTHE
At Dourthe, protecting the environment has long since been an integral part of our viticultural regime and has very rapidly become indissociable from our social responsibilities. To validate and formalise many years of environmentally-conscious practice, we set our sights on obtaining Terra Vitis® environmental certification for all our chateaux, this being the scheme we believe to be the most true to our values. And in 2018, we also achieved High Environmental Value certification level 3 to complement Terra Vitis® certification. The two certifications apply to the estate in its entirety and are audited by an independent organism accredited by the French Ministry of Agriculture.
In 2018, all our properties held both environmental standards. 

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