Fattoria I Collazzi

Collazzi does not buy grapes from other producers. Only the grapes harvested manually by their own vineyards are vinified, all around the wine cellar. All grapes are carefully picked by experienced staff. Collazzi is a company located only 7km from the Florence Cathedral, whose vineyards dominate the famous Cathedral. Only the best 27 of 400 hectares have been devoted to the cultivation of vines. Precision viniculture and maniacal detail care.

During the last decade the Marchi brothers have invested heavily in the development of Collazzi’s farming business, renewing the vineyards and restructuring the cellar, with the goal of producing excellent wines.

At Collazzi the microclimate is normally warmer and drier than the surrounding area. Part of the estate lies in a natural amphitheater, with a perfect south-westerly exposure. The high amount of sun light and the high daily temperatures allow a prolonged, complete ripening of the farming products, consistently each year.

Wine is grown on 25 hectares (62 acres), while the specialized cultivation of 120 hectares (297 acres) of olive trees produces a precious extra virgin olive oil. Collazzi is also dedicated to the raising of bees, that yields a small quantity of organic honey.

The Villa

The majestic villa is situated on a terrace on top of a hill. Its design has been attributed to Michelangelo Buonarroti.Accessed through a cypress lined avenue, the villa stands amidst a garden built on two levels:

the first is an enormous green encircled by oaks, chestnuts and cypress trees dating back to the XIX century; the second terrace is an “Italian” garden, with square flower beds and lemon vases.

In 1933 the property was purchased by the brothers Carlo and Giulio Marchi. Together, with the fundamental help of Elena Marchi Luling, they completed the villa’s extraordinary architecture, restoring it to its original Michelangelo’s design.

In 1938 the famous landscape architect Pietro Porcinai built a rectangular swimming pool made of yellow and grey quartz: embedded in the garden’s green, it was positioned to reflect the villa’s facade onto the water surface.

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