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Finca Las Moras Winery

Finca Las Moras

Finca Las Moras is the pioneer winery in the production of high-end wines in San Juan since the vineyard conversion of 1993 by Richard Smart. The name originates in the blackberry trees present in our estates located in the three main valleys of San Juan. The fruits of these trees, the blackberries, are called “moras” in Spanish; this is the symbol of our wines: fruit at its greatest expression.

San Juan
“San Juan, especially regarding Shiraz and Malbec as well as Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc, is the new frontier for fine wine production in Argentina. The San Juan River is an essential source of irrigation for the area and supplies pure water from The Andes Mountains, originating the Zonda and Tulum valleys; the Pedernal valley, of glacial origin, offers unique conditions for high-end vines in the region. The weather conditions in these valleys are very favorable for growing organic grapes.

Organic agriculture
The climate in San Juan, especially in the Tulum valley, allows us to produce organic grapes without using conventional pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Las Moras has been certified by Argencert, which confirms that our processes and activities comply with the requirements for “organic grapes”.

The “Las Moras” project according to its authors…
Claudio Rodriguez – Agricultural Engineer of Las Moras

First we replaced ordinary vines with fine varietals and we implemented new technology in the winery. After nine years of research and trials with new varietals, trellis systems, irrigation, pruning, production control and multiple winemaking processes, we were able to obtain mature, concentrated, alcoholic wines with a sweet aftertaste, which is a typical characteristic of the area known as The Land of the Sun.
“It all started as an experiment. While we were fully confident that we could obtain high quality products, we never imagined the super positive results we obtained. Las Moras is a dream come true”.

Eduardo Casademont – Winemaker of Las Moras
“Honestly, we are ecstatic. Las Moras is out beloved son, our love at first sight, our passion. From the get-go, we were looking for a unique, innovative product that combines absolute enjoyment with the highest quality. Having achieved the first high-end wine in San Juan and other products with an excellent value for money really excites me. It is the result of the work of many years. Trial and error really paid off. And we still have many challenges ahead of.

  • 2005/2008 Argentinean Wine Producer of the year - International Wine & Spirits Competition –UK
  • 2010 World Best Producer – Selection Mondiales Des Vins - Canada