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François - L Vuitton Collection

1.François-L Vuitton:


Like all the boys in the family, François-L inherited his forename from his great-great-grandfather. His friends simply call him “FLV”

He spent his childhood near Paris, in the family home which now houses the tailor-made workshops of the famous luggage manufacturer. A lover of all that is good and beautiful, appreciative of fine fare, rare wines and cigars, he is the epitome of hedonism and the French lifestyle.
He continues to pursue his passion for wine, being for years extremely fond of Bordeaux and the laidback, relaxed ambience of the Bay of Arcachon.

2.The spirit of the collection

This passion for Great Wines led him to meet the Bouey family, owners and wine merchants who first set up business in Bordeaux in 1821. Patrick and Jacques Bouey enabled him to fulfil his dream of a Personal Collection of great Bordeaux wines, encompassing his favourites estates and mainly the classified growths. His collection embodies his style, with wines of outstanding pedigree, from the finest terroirs and crafted to celebrate friendship and the pleasures of culinary art.

3. A private Cuvée for each Grand Cru

Anxious for people to enjoy the delights of his collection without having to wait too long, François-L Vuitton has focused, for this first edition, on the more recent vintages. With each owner, he therefore chose a selection of wines to produce a Private Cuvée, eminently personal and crafted especially for him. - Such special, individual gems offer a journey through elegance, revealing the intrinsic character and diversity of the Bordeaux terroirs.

4.The collection

Château Léoville-Poyferré
This prestigious château, ranked as a second Grand Cru in the 1855 classification, is situated in the heart of the renowned Médoc region.

As a superb embodiment of its Saint Julien appellation, its elegant complexity serves to enhance this wine’s aristocratic splendour.

Château Giscours
The remarkable building of Château Giscours, steeped in fascinating history, stands out for its sheer refinement. Noble and powerful,
this Grand Cru ranked 3rd in the 1855 classification, is the subtle and delicate expression of the gravelly soil that makes up its terroir.

Château Lascombes
Ten generations have contributed to establishing the heritage of Château Lascombes and every one of them has laboured to ensure
the excellence of its wines. Fine and harmonious, it reveals all the exquisite character of the Margaux appellation.

Château La Gaffelière
This family-owned property, the embodiment of the elegance of Saint-Emilion, seems to have leaped from the pages of history.
This smooth, fresh wine reveals all the loving care lavished on this vineyard with its historic charm.

Château Malartic-Lagravière
As one of the only six Bordeaux wines to be classified in both red and white, it reveals the outstanding work accomplished, worthy of
its superb terroir. The balance between the powerfulness and suppleness of this wine explains why it is justifiably admired by wine-lovers worldwide.

Château Bellefont-Belcier
Created at the end of the 18th century, this 50-acre vineyard and its superb property is home to a circular cellar that is the pride
and joy of the château. This Grand Cru, made according to a mix of traditional and modern methods, comes with a backbone of tight,
elegant tannins of the very highest quality.

5. Luxury - French style

As a worthy representative of French-style luxury, François-L Vuitton was duty-bound to design an exclusive presentation for his new collection. Each bottle, after patient maturing in the cellars of its original château, is labelled and boxed by Maison Bouey. These magnificent caskets, whose elegance is matched only by the attention paid to every detail, are stamped with the three initials “FLV”, the same as those engraved on Francois-L’ first set of cufflinks. Thus presented, each bottle in the collection is a unique gift : a pleasure to treat yourself to or offer to your best friends.

6. Created by Maison Bouey


The union of two family traditions. Maison Bouey : 3 generations of a precious knowledge of the Bordeaux’s greater wines. An exclusive and selective distribution in the best capital cities around the world.