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Gerard Bertrand

European Winery of the Year - Wine Enthusiast 2011 Wine Star Award.
Red Wine Maker of the Year - International Wine Challenge 2012. 


Authentic ambassador from the South of France was born and raised in Languedoc Roussillon, the largest wine region in the world. He embodies the values of the brand, excellence and innovation. With a clear vision for his wine region, he's been acting as pioneer and benchmark producer for 25 years. 

A Sustainable Development Policy

Standing on what was once an island between Narbonne and the Mediterranean, Chateau l’Hospitalet, the Gerard Bertrand company headquarters, cover more than 1,000 hectares, of which 80 planted with vines, in an exceptional natural site in La Clape, registered and referenced for its outstanding biodiversity. Gerard Bertrand commitment to protect this unique environment resulted in the development of a
Sustainable Development policy:
1 Key partnerships were established with environmental associations
2 Gerard Bertrand also lead an assessment of its carbon use
in all its activities in his estates and the L’Hospitalet property, including also our hotel and restaurant business. We carried out a thorough study in the Hospitalet site, called the “carbon sink”. It represents 900 hectares of unspoiled Mediterranean land and forest where we maintain carefully the environment (clearing the firebreaks, applying the forest fire defence programme, pruning, shredding any waste, burning over…). This study was made by the CNRS at the L’Hospitalet property; it shows a perfect control of its natural environment and was referred officially as a “Carbon Neutral Estate”. It resulted in developing a strong action plan to enhance further this result and preserve the environment and biodiversity of the property.

To reinforce this environmental focus, we received the help of technical support from Different worldwide renowned institutions:
The ICV (Cooperative Institute for Wine), represented by Patrice Montagne, a quality and sustainable development consultant accredited by the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Agency), Then in the analysis of our carbon footprint the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) of Montpellier, and finally but not least the CEFE (Centre for Functional and Evolutive Ecology), one of the most important ecology research laboratory in Europe and a true reference in carbon flow studies in the Mediterranean area, with the team of Dr. RAMBAL.

This plan is an entire part of our sustainable development policy. Its main objectives are to:
- Develop an environmental-friendly agriculture (Terra Vitis, AB, Biodynamics)
- Act to protect our vineyard landscapes: their health (stimulating organic activity in the soil, combating erosion, defending the forest against fires, preserving dry-stone buildings and walls)
- Promote biodiversity: growing 25 different vine varieties in our estates and additional varieties of trees (olive, truffle oak), maintaining 900 hectares of protected health, organising awareness days with the League for the Protection of Birds, and protecting natural habitats.
At “Gerard Bertrand” we are very much aware that we are only the guardians of our land for future generations, and our goal is to be a responsible company and play an active role in raising ecological awareness
in the South of France.

“Protecting the environment sustainably, restoring harmony and balance to our ecosystems, promoting precision in winegrowing techniques and reaching out to future generations, these are today’s key issues and
our duties for tomorrow.” Gerard Bertrand

Gerard Bertrand currently owns 14 estates.

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