Lheraud Cognac Cuvee 10

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Country: France

Area: Cognac

Wine style: Brandy

Varietal: Ugni Blanc

Style: Dry

Alc(%): 42

Producer: Cognac Lheraud

Serving Temperature(℃): Room Temperature

Size: 700ml

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Tasting Note:  Light amber with a green tinge.Soft aromas with an elegant suppleness to it and just a touch of sweetness.Caramel aromas accompanied by suggestions of oranges,mown hay And oak help constitute a complex bouquet.Smooth silky feel on the palate with rich tangy fruits and attractive toast notes,followed by an insistent bite on the long finish.JKW

Serving Temperature:  Room temperature
Food:  digestif


Appellation:  PETITE CHAMPAGNE (single vineyard).

Age: 10 years.

Aging in Oak:  aged in French Oakwood barrels (barrels of 350 or 400 liters).

Making method:  mechanical harvest (in September), crushing followed by a natural fermentation (in October) of the juices in metallic or concrete tanks. Wine is kept in these tanks until mid of November, when starts the distillation. Double distillation of the wines (traditional and mandatory process of distillation for cognac) to obtain a final product called “eau de vie” (it is not yet cognac! A product certified cognac must be aged at least 2 years) which contents 70% pure alcohol.

Aging method:  this “eau de vie », at 70%, is kept during 2 years in young, fresh Oakwood barrels stored in a dry cellar (cellar where evaporation is important and in barrels where the coloring process, because of fresh wood, is also important). After these two years, the cognac is transferred into older barrels, in a “humid” cellar (cellar is which humidity and temperature are optimal for an aging) during 8 years in which coloring process + natural evaporation are controlled. Total aging time: 10 years.


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