Louis Jadot


Louis Henry Denis Jadot founded Maison Louis Jadot in 1859. But even before then, the story of Maison Jadot had its roots in the vineyards, with the Jadot family's purchase of the Clos des Ursules, a Beaune Premier Cru, in 1826.

The négociant house, under the guidance of Louis Henry Denis Jadot, expanded rapidly, with a focus on the markets of northern Europe, an area he knew well as his family came from Belgium.His son, Louis Jean Baptiste, took over the management of the company in 1900, and expanded operations by buying numerous vineyards, including Corton harlemagne and Chevalier Montrachet Les Demoiselles.The next generation, under the guidance of Louis Auguste Jadot, developed new export markets, particularly those in England and the US, with the help of Rudy Kopf, the founder of the Kobrand Corporation.In 1954, André Gagey joined the company as Louis Auguste Jadot's deputy. On the latter's premature death in 1962, André Gagey succeeded him as Maison Jadot's director. In 1970, Gagey took on a young winemaker, Jacques Lardière, as his assistant. And, in 1984, André Gagey's son, Pierre-Henry, joined the company.In 1985, in order to ensure the company's future, Madame Jadot decided to sell the company to the family of Rudy Kopf, Jadot's US importer.Pierre-Henry Gagey became president of Maison Louis Jadot in 1992.


From the start, Maison Louis Jadot has always accorded equal importance to each of Burgundy's appellations, from Grand Crus right through to regional wines. Our aim is to express the true nature of Burgundy through our wines, a terroir that can be both proud of its past and optimistic about its future.In order to produce wines that celebrate their terroir, Jacques Lardière works with a team: Christine, Guillaume and Audrey. Together they have a large part to play in determining the success of our enterprise. Each influences the creation of our wines with their own particular set of skills, whether technical or commercial, thereby ensuring that Maison Jadot has a bright future ahead of it.

The team

Pierre-Henry Gagey runs Jadot with a team of 70 people, without whom Maison Jadot would not have had the success it enjoys today.

About terroir

Burgundy has many different faces and our job is to allow our wines to express its subtle differences.The terroir is unique, the result of perfect harmony between men and the land. It is a mosaic of sites, each of which has its own individual character that deserves to be respected.We should pass our vineyards on to future generations in the best possible state, an echo of our inheritance from the monks of centuries past.

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