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Masia Vallformosa, S.L.U.

The winery is a fifth generation family company founded in Penedes in 1865. The current owner is the fourth generation and has 2 sons and 1 daughter who are the fifth generation. The family decided to name some wines after the sixth generation e.g. the grandchildren. Claudia is the daughter of Oriol Domènech, the oldest son, who is also the winemaker in the family. They also have other wines and cavas named after the other grandchildren; Anna, Gemma, Carla, Chantal, Eric, Oriol Jr. All these wines are in their Noble Range.

Winery History

Since 1865 the Domènech family has worked lands in Penedès with passion to obtain the best fruit of the vineyards. Francisco José Domènech (1839-1909) was the founder of the winemaking tradition in the family and the first to seek perfection of a well-done work.
The phylloxera devastates the entire Penedès vineyards. The cellar of José Domènech Soler (1864-1958) is one of the pioneers in replanting uncontaminated vineyards. The winery gained enormous prestige in the region that ended with the recognition of King Alfonso XIII after visiting the winery in 1904. In 1905, after retrieved the vineyard in the area, José Domènech Torné (1896-1957) acquires all vineyards of the Masia called “La Sala".
Masia "La Sala" was occupied during the Spanish Civil War being partially destroyed by the end of it. After retrieving the Masia, José Domènech Torné produced the first bottles of Vallformosa Cava.
The Domènech.Vidal family acquires new vineyards to meet market demands. One of these estates is Masia Freyé, a place of retreat and source of inspiration for the Domènech.Vidal family.
Creation of a new winemaking area. Enlarge of the facilities in “La Sala” with three new bottling lines.
With our passion, vision and tradition for over more than 140 years, we have created our wines and cavas. An intimate expression of our personality, which honours five generations of wine growers.
Background, philosophy, and vision:
Our management team consists of experienced professionals in the wine industry with a long history that prints a stamp of quality on each of the activities developed. This organizational structure is geared to commitment to our customers. We would like to share all of our commitment and enthusiasm for what we do with our customers, providing value and exceeding their expectations.
VISION: Contribute with our products to enjoy life every day innovating from the origin, transforming the world of wine.
MISSION: Be a family-run international wine-growing company, flexible and responsible, that enjoys the work well done, leading the upper-medium segment.
1. COMMITMENT to our customers. We would like to share all of our commitment and enthusiasm for what we do with our customers, providing value and exceeding their expectations.
2. EFFICIENCY in our business activities. We aim to be efficient and to generate enough profit to meet the Company's objectives and provide the resources necessary to ensure the continuity of our future, our suppliers and our customers.
3. RESPONSIBILITY to add value to society. We want the company to be recognized as socially responsible by listening to our customers' expectations and incorporating them into our approach in order to contribute to the improvement of their environment.
4. EXCELLENCE in our products and services. We want to continuously improve and strive for excellence, and we have a strong desire to innovate by investigating new food and food safety solutions in order to move successfully into the future.
5. RESPECT for our people. Our work is carried out by people who give the best of themselves and will be empowered if we give them a sense of purpose and satisfaction. We want to do this through respect, trust and motivation.
Based on the mission, vision and corporate values described above, the company is committed to meeting the needs of its customers and takes responsibility for the environmental effects of all of its activities, as well as social responsibility for its surroundings and the people within the organization. This commitment includes meeting all of the requirements in terms of quality, food safety and other product specifications, and the guidelines for preparation established by its customers. It also includes compliance with all applicable legal requirements for its products, services and activities, especially those related to the environment, food safety and risk prevention.
Therefore, the Management of Masia Vallformosa, makes a commitment to:
1. Continuously improve its production processes, support activities and the level of competence of its staff in order to improve food safety and product quality and to minimise the use of natural resources such as water or electricity and prevent pollution such as the generation of waste in order to ensure sustainability.
2. Ensure that the organisation's sales force finds out, understands and communicates internally the specific needs of both current and potential customers, and uses this information as a basis for defining the range of products and services.
3. Encourage
THE BEST WINERY 2020 at the Catalonian Wine Awards: VINARI AWARDS 2020
Best Producer "Sparkling wine" at Berliner Wine Torophy 2022