The Masseto hill is a special place... both a revelation and a mystery, as it majestically lifts its head to look out across the Mediterranean sea.
This is where terroir victoriously transcends the grape varieties and where the blue clays
of the Pliocene Era tell their ancient story. Millions of years ago a deep marine substrate was deposited which transformed gradually into blue clay that came to the surface on this hill after thousands of years of erosion. The shells and fossils found imbedded in the clays are testimony to this.
With a heart as hard as stone and yet with an intriguing fragility, the clay knows just how to adjust to its environment & climate. This contrast is reflected in the intense power and silky elegance to be found in Masseto.
The intuition of man has played an important part in understanding that it would be in this very place that something important would happen...
something which would offer new, unique perspectives.

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