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New Age Red (2021)

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Country: Argentina

Area: Argentina/San Rafael

Wine style: Red

Varietal: Bonarda, Syrah, Malbec, Merlot

Style: Sweet

Alc(%): 10.8

Producer: Casa Bianchi

Serving Temperature(℃): 8-10

Size: 750ml


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Tasting Note The freshness of fruits in its aroma and in the mouth mobilizes the celebration, the joy and enjoyment of a wine with a festive character. Its raspberries, wild blackberries and currants impact on the palate with the sparkling and refreshing sensation of the bubbles on our palate. To quench the thirst for summer nights or at any other time, a wine to be with friends or someone unforgettable.

Grape variety Malbec, Merlot, Sirah, Bonarda


Terroir The grapes come from our own vineyards and from producers associated with the winery by means of long-term agreements, to whom we provide technical advice and assistance so that they can achieve the quality needed for this wine. Our own vineyards are Finca Doña Elsa, located in Rama Caída district, and Finca Asti, located in Las Paredes district. The remaining Malbec supplied by these producers is originated in another zone called Cuadro Benegas. This wine constitutes a genuine blend of Malbec from different plots in San Rafael Department, with soils of variable composition, with a diversity of microclimates, which allow us to obtain a very good complexity not only in aromas but also in flavors. Finca Asti is situated at approximately 750m above sea level, presenting soils of alluvial origin, with a loamy-sandy texture, with medium sized boulder layers and covered with slight calcareous layers which will transmit these mineral notes to the wine. In addition, these soils are poor in organic matter which combined with the proper irrigation handling permit us to obtain the perfect balance in the plants. It has also got a conduction system called high trellising, with a traditional irrigation system. On the other hand, our Finca Doña Elsa has several parcels where the soil profile presents a loamy-sandy composition in the first centimeters and then a great boulder concentration with calcareous sediments which provide the mineral notes and freshness; the traditional irrigation system is also applied here.
Climate Our estates located in San Rafael receive pure water from the Diamante River and gentle breezes from a continental climate that determine the exact rythm for the grape ripening. Our vineyards, between 600 and 800 meters above sea level, are benefited by a marked difference in temperatures between day and night which results in a balanced and constant fruit ripening. 
Geology San Rafael, it is characterized by its loamy-sandy-silty soil, with variable depth and well-defined layers of small boulder. The silt presence -more abundant in certain zones of the estate- allows the water to be retained by the soil, interfering with the plant extraction through the roots, thus enabling a deeper root development

Acidity 5.85 g/L
PH 3.3


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