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Odfjell Vineyards

Over 25 years ago, the pioneering Norwegian Armador, (ship owner) Dan Odfjell discovered and felt in love with a small corner of the famous Maipo Valley, Chile. Born of rain in Bergen, Norway, he could not resist the attraction of the austral sun in this Virgilian setting.
Today, the business is led by Dan’s sons, Laurence and Dan Jr., who actively participate in the promotion of the vineyard’s wines in international markets and are also part of the board of directors for Odfjell Vineyards S.A.

Founded on the Odfjell family’s international exploration as Norwegian Armadors (ship owners) and their passion for wine, Odfjell Vineyards strives to produce unique quality wines in a sustainable way.

Odfjell Vineyards strives to use our pioneering spirit to capture the best of Chile in a bottle. We strongly believe in sustainability as a guiding principle and will continuously deliver memorable wines in a way that over time generates value for our shareholders, employees, and business partners.

Odfjell’s quest is to make wines that are a true expression of the terroir. Our low-yield vineyards are handled with individual care. We hand-pick the grapes in order to ensure the fruit arrives at the winery as intact as possible.
We started planting vineyards in our Maipo Estate in 1994. Today, after 20 years, we have 85 hectares planted in Maipo. Including our vineyards in Cauquenes, Lontué, and Colchagua, we have a total surface area of 115 hectares being cultivated, planted with a wide array of grape varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carmenère, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and old Carignan vines from Cauquenes.
Odfjell is committed to being a leader in progressive vineyard management, and we are dedicated to elevating the image and practice of viticulture in Chile. The goal of this work is to produce the best possible wines in the vineyards, while maintaining our long-term commitment to sustainable agriculture and environmental winemaking practices. For this reason, our vineyards are 100% organic and we have also recently begun biodynamic farming.

Organic & Biodynamic:
Since the founding of Odfjell Vineyards, the owner’s vision has been to work in harmony with the environment. The first step that we implemented was to eliminate the use of chemical products. After several years, this decision enabled us to move forward with organic management and all of our vineyards were certified by IMO Switzerland.
Then, in 2009, we started exploring biodynamic farming on the vineyard’s southern zones. We completed this transition with the Padre Hurtado vineyards. In 2012, the DEMETER certification recognized 100% of our vineyards as biodynamic.

※The V-Label seal: This is a certification of European origin, widely recognized at international level. It certifies products that don’t use any ingredients of animal origin in their elaboration, including both the final product and their processes. This is an annual certification and, in the case of wine, it is reviewed every year to incorporate new harvests.