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“Our wines come from tough soils, from men who have the talent of listening to nature and a heart filled with long experience and great passion. With this commitment we want to be good ambassadors of the territory and of the production of Italian wine.”

The Paladin Wineries are located between Veneto and Friuli, where the two regional cultures melted together. The vineyards were planted here, along the ancient Roman Postumia road, on the calcareous clays formed during the last glaciation by the Tagliamento river, resorting to the most modern viticultural techniques.

The history of the winery started in 1962 with the father-founder Mr. Valentino Paladin and has developed thanks to the energies lavished by his children Carlo and Roberto, carrying out the task of putting years of happy and fruitful experiences in the field to good use. Backed by more than 50 years’ experience and a lively, passionate relationship with its land, Paladin is synonymous of wine-making creativity handed down from father to son and of a rare ability to enhance the best of the character of wines through rigorous wine-making processes that have become increasingly more sustainable and respectful of raw materials over time.

2001 marks an important date: the official opening of the beautiful villa hosting the company headquarters. Built according to the typical rules of Venetian architecture of the first years of 19th century and using the most modern structural and air-conditioning techniques, it is surrounded by bright green vineyards. Every day they work with their technicians to find the best ways of preserving the intrinsic quality of the fruit and safeguarding the health of our customers, using the best technology at our disposal in order to constantly reduce the use of sulphites.

In fact, since many years the Paladin family has pursued sustainable cultivation practices, with the opinion that “90% of wine is made in vineyards” and that they should understand, respect end enhance what nature gives us. The project of “Reasoned Viticulture” has been undertaken considering this philosophy. This sees the vineyard as an ecosystem to be handled in a careful and rational way in order to preserve the biodiversity of the territory, ensure qualitative productivity and protect consumer’s and environment’s health. Today this way continues and consolidates itself, with structural innovations brought into the overall system “Vineyard-cellar”. The quality of each wine has to aim for excellence, respecting Mother Earth and being responsible for the future. A virtuous circle summarized by four keywords: vine (Vite), green (Verde), wine (Vino), life (Vita). Dedicated to our search for typicality and quality, the production delivers a selected list of internationally award-winning wines.