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Pieroth Estate

Passion for wine
Mentioned in records on the river Nahe since 1675, our family has been growing wine for eleven generations
now. Mild climate and geological diversity are distinctive features of the Nahe wine growing region, offering ideal conditions for wines with character. Our vineyards are situated in the charming countryside with lush meadows and rough rock formations. Here, we focus on top-quality classic grape varieties. In the best single and exclusive situations, we primarily grow Riesling and Burgundy on 25 ha of vineyards.

Quality philosophy
Good wine is created first and foremost in the vineyard, which is why we put the highest value on nature-orientated care of soil and grapevines. In the cellar, we restrict ourselves to few necessary interferences in combination with modern cellar techniques. Numerous awards at national and international competitions are the best proof for our wines‘ constantly high standard.

Numerous awards
- Gold at MundusVini 2009
- Gold / Silver awards (Kammerpreismunzen) at the Landesweinpramierung 2009
- Awards by the wine magazine Selection 2009
- Silver at IWSC London 2009
- Special award from the German Wine Institute for our labels in Braille 2010
- Recommended by Gault Millau WineGuide 2011

Our classified single vineyards
We count some of the region‘s recognised top situations among our vineyards: the Burg Layer Schlossberg, the Dorsheimer Goldloch and the Dorsheimer Pittermannchen, as well as the Munsterer Pittersberg.

The steep vineyards face the south and southwest, allowing for many hours of sunshine, which in turn allows the grapes to develop an opulent natural sweetness as they ripen. Our late harvests and our Auslesen, which can ripen here until late autumn, convince with power, body, elegance, and dense aromas. Mineral notes from the rocky soils as well as a delicate acidity perfectly complement the Auslesen.

The exclusive single vineyard Bingerbrucker Romerberg (7 ha) is cultivated exclusively by the Pieroth winery. This hillside situation lies in a basin above the mouth of the river Nahe. Due to the Rhine‘s intense heat radiation, the grapevines start thriving very early here, before all other vineyards. This
prolongs the vegetation period and allows the grapes to unfold their complete potential. Additionally, the schistose and quartzite containing soil stores the heat excellently and gives the Riesling a wonderful spiciness and character with mineral notes.

Our Soil
The interplay between soil, grape variety, particular climatic conditions, and the vintner‘s work reflect the flavour of its home. In this, the soil is a relatively constant factor. Existing soil formations and
geographical particularities usually do not change lest for massive human intervention.

Grape variety compilation
- Riesling 44 %
- Pinot Gris 5 %
- Pinot Blanc 14 %
- Scheurebe 4 %
- Rivaner 14 %
- Other 19 %

Our classic varietals are a delightful introduction to wine. Fresh and fruity quality wines focus on grape variety and vintage influences. We develop these wines dry and semi-dry. Local wines / single site wines. Our local and single site wines grow exclusively in the top situations surrounding Burg Layen.
The complex interplays between grapevines, soil and climate are reflected in these wines. They convince with dazzling elegance and a dense abundance of flavours. Mineral notes from the soils characterised by quartzite, Rotliegend and slate give these Riesling wines their distinctive character.
Pieroth No 1
The dry No 1 Riesling wines from the most precious of our winery‘s situations take a top
position. Only the best, fully ripe grapes are selected and vinified very gently. Thus, fine and
full-bodied wines which embody their geographical and varietal origins unmistakeably are

The spot.
Is it possible to visualise taste and furthermore to make it tangible? With its bottle design, the Pieroth Winery on the Nahe has succeeded on both accounts. The visually ascertainable colour spot system enables seeing persons to differentiate between aromas. Ergonomically correct, Pieroth offers tactile information in Braille on the back label for the blind and the visually impaired.Pieroth has been putting Braille on all estate wines since the 2009 vintage, containing information on the winery, vintage, wine name and taste. This way enjoying wine is made easier for the blind and the visually impaired.

Dates & Facts
Address: Pieroth GmbH, Burg Layen 1, 55452 Rummelsheim / Burg Layen, Germany
Brief Description: "Pieroth, select wines" The basis of our range of products are our estate wines from the river Nahe, mainly Riesling and Brugundy, which we produce with a lot of manual labour and great care and which we bottle ourselves at winery.
Directors: Dr. Johannes Pieroth - Owner
Andreas Pieroth
Free Service: Phone: +49 800-100-64-64 Mon-Fri: 9am-4pm; Thu: till 7pm
Fax: +49 800-100 64 65
Email: service@pieroth.de Please call for wine tastings and guided tours.
Winery Size: 25 ha
Growing Region: River Nahe
Grape variety compilation: Riesling 44 %
Pinot Gris 5 %
Pinot Blanc 14 %
Scheurebe 4 %
Rivaner 14 %
Other 19 %