Pierre Naigeon

erroir focused wine

The Domaine Pierre Naigeon grows 11 hectares of vineyards along the Côte de Nuits. 5th generation of winemaker, Pierre Naigeon is a « single vineyard » winemaker… Focused by the « terroir », each little block of vineyard is vinificated and bottled separately, to express in each wine all the character of the soil, under soil and the micro-climate, witch are unique to each vineyard !
More than 50 different wines are produced with passion each vintage, some of them in very small quantities (less than 300 bottles per year) for the pleasure of the wine lovers. Every bottle shows, in addition of his appellation, the name of the block of production, as shown on the official maps.
The age of the vines at the Domaine Pierre Naigeon is exceptionally high; most of our vines are more than 50 years, with some very old vines aged more than 100 years ! So, the grapes produced are very concentrated and the volume produced naturally small.

Vinification and Rare Wine

Regarding the vinifications, the Domaine Pierre Naigeon works very naturally : indigenous yeast for the fermentation, no addition of oenological products during the fermenting process, no temperature control. So, the fermentation in vats or in barrels for the white wines are done naturally, following the wishes of nature. The ageing in French oak barrels takes place during at least 12 months for each wine of our range. No fining and no filtration before the bottling, to ensure the most natural wine. The bottling dates are chosen with taking carefully care of the moon phases…
In a short sentence, Pierre Naigeon’s philosophy is : “Rather than a dithyrambic comment, an empty bottle is the sign of a good wine !”.
The wines produces by Pierre Naigeon are very fruit driven. So, they match with delicate and refined food. The vines can even be enjoyed as appetizer drinks. The purity of the fruit and the perfect balance of the wines can be enjoyed if the wines are in their youth. But they can obviously be cellared to for many years.

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