Podernuovo A Palazzone

About Bulgari and Podernuovo a Palazzone:

Sotirio Bulgari, born in 1857, was the founder of the Bulgari dynasty.He first opened a small store in the very centre of Rome, in Via Sistina and moved severalyears later to Via Condotti to create the legendary jewels that are appreciated all over theworld today using the most precious stones.Many years have gone by, and four generations later Giovanni Bulgari, the son of Paolo,has started a venture in wines, continuing the same quest for excellence and commitmentto elegance and beauty as his great, great grandfather had started.The Podernuovo estate was bought in 2004 by Paolo and Giovanni Bulgari and islocated in the Southern tip of Tuscany, positioned within a triangle between Umbriaand Lazio. The 54 acres of vineyard at Palazzone are part of the municipality of SanCasciano dei Bagni, an ancient thermal retreat. The previously abandoned vineyard wascompletely replanted in 2007 and its South-East exposure imparts the wines its structureand elegance.The variegated soil goes from clayey and chalky, to sandy and pebbly, an idealenvironment, combined with a mild climate: warm summers and relatively cold wintersand moderate rainfall. The altitude of the vineyard is of 340 to 380 meters above sea levelcapitalizing on its natural slight slopes to avoid water stagnation.

Historical vocation:

Centuries ago Podernuovo a Palazzone was a staging postal station along the branch of the Via Cassia, the important Roman consular road. Subsequently, it became a trading outpost for Castello of Fighine, a Castle from the middle ages, which also owned the farming estate ofPodernuovo. Today the vineyard lies within an untouched and authentic piece of Tuscany, were the countryside is still farmed in respect of the territories’ environmental balance and itsancient agricultural history.

The Estate and its Territory :

Grape varieties: mainly Sangiovese, followed by Montepulciano, Cabernet Sauvignon,Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Malbec.The estate measures 55 hectares, 26 of which are vineyards , positioned at an altitude thatranges roughly from 200 to 400 meters. The cold winters and hot summers force the vinesto a great stress and thus to produce the best grapes.The rigorous climate and terroir create character in a wine. Among the many differentelements that make Podernuovo a Palazzone unique are its climate cycles and its vineyardslocated in different altitudes and sun exposures. The terroir is contained between MonteCetona and other nearby hills and is not over affected by the presence of large lakes orwater reservoirs.Taking the grapes in their best possible conditions to the winery is Giovanni Bulgari’s mainobjective. This is why Podernuovo a Palazzone employs more people in the vineyard than it is common practice, to keep the plants healthy and clean. The “soft prunning” created by Simont& Sirch was introduced in 2014 and implemented ever since. The combination of the two allows us to be an uncertified organic winery.

The Cellar :

The “jewel” of the estate is without doubt the cellar that hosts all the production premises.Designed to perfectly blend-in with the landscape, it is a prime example of highly functionalbut entirely non invasive architecture. The estate uses geothermal sources to heat and coolthe entire wine production and aging process, and the – aesthetically almost invisible – solarpanels are used for energy to guarantee a harmonic approach to the landscape.

Our Logo and its History :

The logo designed by Japanese architect and designer Junko Kirimoto is inspired by avineyard picture, taken many years ago by Giovanni’s mother at his grandmother’svineyard near Rome, a place where Giovanni spent a lot of time during his childhood.The designer has reproduced the vineyard with a Japanese paint brush using the colour of ourwine. We believe this logo ideally represents the elegance and simplicity that are the coreelement of our philosophy.

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