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San Pedro Regalado

Long Tradition

The Winery Cooperative San Pedro Regalado was founded in 1958 by the initiave of La Aguilera neighbours. It receives the name of the saint whose corps rests in the shrine located in this small town of La Aguilera. The first members following the tradition of the cooperative movement of that time, decided to join their efforts and their vineyards to elaborate their own wine.

Old Vineyard

Old vineyard, many of them centenary ones, whose variety ‘tempranillos’ and cultivated on small plots, with the manual selection of the grapes, reflect accurately the care in the manufacturing process of their wines. Winery Keeping and looking after the tradition is not against developing and using modern machinery. Stainless steel tanks and oak barrels to elaborate our oak and breeding (‘crianza’ ) wines, are an accurate reflection of the enterprising spirit to elaborate quality wines and reflect a plan of future. As a last investment, it has been built a nave in order to hold some offices and which basement has been carefully prepared as a store to bottle and to produce wines.

Embocadero 2008

The wine is deep dark opaque black ruby with a youthful purple rim. Complex integrated nose of smoky, toasty oak, spice, coffee and berry fruits with subtle raspberry nuances.Medium to full on the palate, complex with a core of rich ripe fruit backed by firm integrated tannins on a long lingering finish. JKW08/11 98